About Us


more than 20 years of experience

Radiant Inks is built on 23 years of experience within the screen printing industry.

As a producer of plastisol and water-based textile screen printing inks and chemicals, we give full service to our customers by providing them all other products and materials they need.

With a strong, dedicated, and professional team, Radiant Inks is totally committed to supplying value to its customers.


With no compromise in raw material quality, Radiant Inks successfully sustains its production standards thanks to the total quality management approach.

With its conscientiousness towards social responsibility, Radiant Inks’ production is both high quality and reliable, with an acute understanding of consistent improvement and customer satisfaction.

Our R&D staff works hard to find products to meet client demands and new trends, as well as striving to develop raw materials which are more sensitive to environmental concerns and human health.

Other studies conducted in the R&D laboratories concentrate on increasing efficiency in the production process and on how to improve it.

We are green!

We at Radiant Inks aim to provide our clientele the best quality products with the least impact on our environment through donating three times the power we consume during our production into the grid in the form of renewable energy !

Our number one priority is to preserve and protect our environment, and the health of our employees, the end-users that use our products, and all the people that wear clothes that came into contact with our inks.


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